What an exciting day filled with building blocks, tacos, and incredible IDEAS! During our third day of IDEAS WEEK, we engaged over 200 people in actively designing and shaping the future of San Francisco State. In three days, over 850 people completed our 5-minute, visually interactive survey, and over 350 showed up in person to share their IDEAS. THANK YOU!!


Two design workshops were held in the Cesar Chavez Student Center, and we continued to engage people with our interactive survey throughout the day. Students, faculty, and staff joined us to envision a new future for SF State through three main activities:

  • 3D Modeling with Building Blocks: Using laser cut 3D building models and a campus map, people were invited to physically shape the campus using building blocks that represented different building and landscape features on the campus.
  • Visual Preference: People were given 10 green dots to choose which features they would like to see on campus. Images of each feature were printed on 3 large boards laid flat on tables. At the end of the day, it was clear to see that people loved the idea of a new amphitheater on campus!
  • Open Ideation: Sharing ideas freely on post-it notes, people filled an entire board up with amazing ideas about the improvements they want to see on campus.


“I'd like to have more outdoor study/ spaces.” – Student


“I would like to see improvements to the campus culture. On weekends, the campus is rather dead and empty, which is a shame. I would like to see more events take place.” – Online Comment


“Beer Garden” – Everybody loved this idea!

" We need better lines of communication to let students know of events, activities and free technologies available to them while at SF State. "- Sticky Note Comment

Al E. Gator showed up to give us his IDEAS too!

FREE TACO for your thoughts?

“I would like to see more nature and trees on campus.”​ - 3rd yr. Student


"...I would recommend creating a ride share platform so students can carpool to designated areas and perhaps board a SFSU bus that takes them to school...With the gentrification rates increasing, folks are having to travel from far places to get their education." - Digital Comment

“Collecting community input, in such a high profile way, early in the planning process, is fantastic.” - Participant​

Thank you to all who made this day a true success! We also want to give a big THANKS to Taqueria Girasol for their delicious tacos! Thank you for all of your IDEAS and please make sure to join us for the REVEAL next Wednesday, May 10. The party starts at 1:00pm at Seven Hills Conference Center, right next to City Eats. Come for the carnival food and a glimpse of how your ideas will help shape the future of the campus!

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