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DAY 1 + DAY 2: IDEAS WEEK FutureState Launch!


We have received great feedback from students, faculty and staff about FutureState - the campus plan update process this week! In our first two days of IDEAS WEEK, we engaged 670+ people in talking with us about what they love about the campus, what needs improvement, and what they envision for the future of San Francisco State. Almost 500+ people completed our 5-minute visually interactive survey and 170+ people attended our focus group and general information sessions.

"I really love to study here!"


Seven in-person events were held throughout the day, and we also launch of the online engagement tool at Leading university design experts met with students, faculty, and staff to learn about the campus, to discover opportunities for improvement, and to understand student needs and aspirations.

  • Morning launch presentation in the J Paul Leonard Library 
  • AM Focus Group workshops

    General Session + lunch, with an expanded

    presentation of key planning elements and

    breakout activities

  • PM Focus Group workshops 
  • General Session + lunch
  • PM Focus Group workshops 
  • Interactive surveys were conducted throughout the day in front of the library, in TVhe Quad, at 19th and Holloway and at City Eats dining hall

"[We need] improved access to surrounding recreational areas, such as Lake Merced and the Pacific Ocean."


Four major events were held on campus during the day. With the best weather of the year, we added a giant red umbrella to The Quad and welcomed the university community to Talk with Us!

  • Focus Group kickoff session Faculty Commons
  • AM Focus Group workshops 
  • Farm to Fork Lunch: Our annual locally sourced sustainable meal on The Quad, hosted by Sustainable SF State.    
  • Interactive surveys were conducted throughout the day in front of the library and in The Quad.

"There is a lot of open space on campus quad, but you have to sit on the grass to use it. How about some benches with space for wheelchairs next to them?​"


Interactive kiosks on campus.

"We have a housing crisis. We need more affordable housing for faculty, staff, and students."

Engaging with students in The Quad!

Connecting with students at the Crossroads


Overall we heard a lot of awesome IDEAS about how housing, transportation, and safety can be improved. We also heard that you LOVE the Quad and the Library!

"The cost of living in San Francisco is a huge barrier. Affordable housing should be a priority."

"Improve safety at night with better lighting!"


"We need improved indoor/ and outdoor spaces. I would also like to feel more of a sense of community on campus."


"Please improve connectivity with BART. We need a better shuttle system."

Thank you for all of your IDEAS and please join us for more activities throughout the week! Make sure to join us for the REVEAL next Wednesday, May 10th. Come hear and see what we learned this week and how your ideas will help shape the future of the campus!

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